My name is Yafet Tewelde and I’m running to be your NDP candidate for the upcoming Federal Election.

When my family first came to Canada, we settled in the Jane and Woolner community before moving to Brampton. My mother instilled in me the principles of truth, justice, balance, and caring for one another by teaching me and my siblings to fight hate with love. These principles have informed my work as a father, educator, community-worker and organizer. Now, I’ve spent almost a decade working to make York South-Weston a more fair and just community.

In York South-Weston, I’ve helped hundreds of youth find housing and jobs. I led the campaign to stop the construction of a gas-fired power plant in our neighbourhood alongside local community groups. And for months, I’ve been knocking on doors to fight for issues like tenant rights and affordable transit.

I’m running to be your NDP candidate because York South-Weston is a vibrant, resilient and hard-working community. We’re special. But we can’t afford to wait any longer and continue to let the ultra-rich not pay their fair share while the rest of us get left behind.

In Rockcliffe-Smyth, we feel the effects of climate change every time there is a storm and our basements get flooded out. In Mount Dennis, violence plagues our community while we fail to address the root causes of poverty and inequality. In Weston, residents continue to get priced out of their homes.

York South-Weston is at an important moment in time – a moment where the fight for a more affordable, sustainable, just and equitable community is staring right at us. I’m running because it’s time for a York South-Weston that works for all of us. Will you join me?

I’m currently finishing my PhD at York University and live in York South-Weston's Beechborough-Greenbrook community.