Yafet Tewelde is a father, educator, author, youth worker, and community organizer who knows what it means to stand up for what’s right. 

Immigrating to York South-Weston from Eritrea with his mother as a child, Yafet has always considered the community home. He is a PhD candidate at York University who has taught for over a decade – and he knows advocacy doesn’t begin and end in the classroom. 

While working with local community organizations, Yafet helped hundreds of young people find housing and jobs. He’s seen the impact of the housing and affordability crisis on young people and families – and he knows we can deliver real solutions for everyday Canadians. 

Yafet is running with the NDP to be your next Member of Parliament to tackle the biggest challenges facing families. He’s on your side for universal pharmacare, affordable housing, clean public transit, and a climate action plan that creates good green jobs.

In 2015, working closely with local community groups, he led the successful community campaign to stop the construction of a gas-fired power plant at Black Creek Drive and Eglinton Avenue West as part of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT project.

For too long, York South-Weston has been neglected and left behind by Trudeau’s Liberals. We deserve better than broken promises.

As your NDP Member of Parliament for York South-Weston, Yafet will work to fight the climate crisis and put an end to extreme flooding in our neighbourhoods; make life more affordable for working people by providing relief from the sky-rocketing costs of housing and free medication coverage through pharmacare for all; and stop giving multi-million dollar tax breaks to the ultra-rich and big corporations.

Yafet Tewelde is our community champion for a better future in York South-Weston.

Are you ready to take action?